Pet grooming is a passion for us. Much like building a relationship with your stylist or barber, we love connecting with our visiting pets and learning more about their unique personalities during our time with them. Those are probably our favorite parts of the job! Plus, who wants their home bathroom to smell like "wet dog" for hours after a home groom? And, "Hooray!" to no more wrestling dogs into the tub alone! Ready for an upgrade from PetCo? Come see us!

*All grooming is by appointment only: 503-230-9596

Grooming generally takes 4 -6 hours. We can call when done! If you need a specific pickup time please let us know when setting an appointment. 

PRO GROOMING - Our Pro Groomers specialize in breeds that require more complex cuts, shaving, or styling. Usually these breeds have longer hair, require facial trimming, and/or have curly hair that requires shaving over certain other areas of the body as well.   

Included in our Pro Grooms are: a bath, facial wash, brushing, ear cleaning, hygienic expression, and a nail trim. 


HOUSE GROOMING - Our House Groomers specialize in breeds that require less complicated cuts and maintenance. Usually these breeds have short hair or simply require a good brushing with minimal trimming around the feet and rear. Depending on the breed, our House Groomers may refer guests to the Pro Groomers depending on what type of work is needed. 

Included in our House Grooms are: a bath, facial wash, brushing, ear cleaning, hygienic expression, and a nail trim. 

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CAT GROOMING - We provide walk-in, expedient cat grooming services for your convenience (we don’t do lion cuts, bear cuts, or baths. Our services include:

Nail trims $12

Soft Paws + Nails $22

Sanitary Trims $5

Belly Shaves $12

Flea treatments $8-$16 depending on type

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 If we notice any concerns with your pets' health condition we will be sure to let you know. Whether your pet just needs a basic groom, or is a tangled mess, has sensitive skin, needs flea treatment, or got into something really smelly, we have a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments designed to meet the specific grooming needs of your pet(s).