* Dog nightly rates will be adjusted to $35 June 1st

- Temperature controlled areas to sleep and play in throughout their stay.

- Spacious covered runs with turf for play and exercise outside.

- Dogs can see and interact with one another from the safety of their own runs despite their age, behavior, or size.

- During seasons of more extreme temperatures dog guests are rotated throughout the day from inside to outside to have just the perfect amount of playtime, rest, and comfortability. 

- We observe each dog's body functions and activities throughout the day which are then recorded by our trained pet care technicians. Potential problems are caught and treated early. 

- We also provide play times to help make your pet's stay exciting. Playtimes are one-on-one time with a with a team member. Dogs receive tummy rubs, get to play fetch, enjoy hugs, and get treats. 

We require all our pet guests to have current immunization.
For dogs, they must have: DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella.

Ask us about our suites! We now have Petzi in our main suite:

The Petzi app allows you to see, speak to, and give treats to your pet all from your smartphone app. Simply download the Petzi app on your smart phone (available on Android and iPhone) and follow these instructions: 

 - Call and make an appointment for the main suite with one of our team members. Tell them you want to use our Petzi.

 - Login using these credentials:

 - Username: townhousepetcare@gmailcom

 - Password: (team members will give you password upon drop off of your pet)

- Once logged in and the cam is selected you should be able see what the camera sees

- To see and use the available buttons, tap your screen

- To speak to your pet hold down the orange speak button while speaking then  release when done. Repeat this process each time.

- To take a picture, just push the green camera button

- To dispense a treat just push the pink treat button

- Any questions, please feel free to call us! 503-230-9596

- Or, you can reach Petzi support direct: CALL US: 855-PETZILA (855.738.9452) 


Day Stay Fee

- Our rates are charged on a nightly basis. Check out time is 12 noon on regular business days. 

- Your pet is welcome to stay later for an additional day board fee.  The day stay fee is two dollars less than the nightly rate.

- To avoid the day stay fee, you can schedule a groom on the last day so your furry loved one goes home shedding less and smelling great!