Professional Dog Grooming

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Rub a Dub Dub, Pooch and Kitty in the Tub! At Townhouse Pet Care Center we have some of the best professional pet groomers in the Portland Metro area. Our professional groomers specialize in caring for dogs that require scissor or shaved haircuts. We provide free quotes! 

Grooming generally takes 4 - 6 hours. We can call when done! If you need a specific pickup time please tell us when setting up an appointment. 

- Includes a bath, brushout, nail trim, hygienic expression, air dry, and ear cleaning.

- Specialized shampoos, conditioners, flea treatments, and hypoallergenic options.

- Troublesome hair and problem areas sometimes require the love that only we can provide. Let us love  your pets! ...And their fur. 



House Grooming

Our house groomers specialize in caring for dogs with shorter hair but who require all the same other basic grooming maintenance needs as their more complex furry friends.

- Includes: bath, brushout, nail trim, hygienic expression, air dry, and ear cleaning.


House Groom  $32 - $100  

Pro-Groom  $42-$120 (varies by breed)

Dematt $20/hour

Extra Brushing  $5 for 15 min

Nail Trim  $12 

Toothbrush  $5

Ear Clean  $5

Hygienic Expression  $5

Sanitary Trim  $5

A more detailed list of Townhouse's grooming process is here: 

Thorough Brush Out:
Removes all the dead hair. A necessary step to effective bathing.
Anal Glands Expressed:
Regular and frequent expressing assures healthy glands.
Ear Hair Removal and Cleaning:
Healthy ears need frequent cleaning to prevent infection.
Double Scrub and Rinse with Hydro=Therapy
The most thorough bath available. 
Complete Blow Dry:
Prevents chills, fluffs the fur, and reduces future shedding.
Final Brush Out and Trim:
Ensures all the loose hair is gone and the feet and feathers are trimmed to reduce tracking water and mud.
Potty Break:
We'll need it.
Free Exam:
We will look over your pet and report any signs of potential problems.
Instructions on What You Can Do to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy:
We'll gladly show you how we made your pet look so good and instruct you in how to continue the care until the next grooming.
Nails should be trimmed every three to four weeks or when you hear them clicking on the floor.
No Appointment Necessary for Walk-In Nail Trims:
Just stop by between 9AM and 4PM and we'll do them while you wait. We can also instruct you on nail trimming at no extra charge.

PRICES will vary depending on whether your pet needs a professional groom or a house groom. To find out how much a professional groom will cost by your dog or cat's breed please call or stop in and speak with one of our team members. Our standard baths include a nail trim, brushout, ear cleaning, and hygienic expression.