Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming


Professional Cat Grooming

Let's face it, cats are pretty self-sufficient. But every now and then all the licking in the world can't untangle matted hair and even a cat bestie can't get the all of the undercoat out. Our professional cat groomers not only love cats, but they know how to support and care for the needs of our cats while they're being groomed.









** January 2019 we will make a small adjustment to our grooming prices to help us continue providing you and your pet(s) with high-standard service and to better care for our team members. Our boarding rates will stay the same. Thank you for your business and support!

To make an appointment please call our store at 503-230-9596.

Grooming generally takes 4 - 6 hours. We can call when done! If you need a specific pickup time please let us know when making an appointment. 

We have a variety of cat grooming options for you to choose from. We offer: 

Nail trims $12

Soft Paws + Nails $22

Walk-in brushout/nail trim $17

Sanitary Trims $5

Belly Shaves $12

Full Grooms Start at $45 - $55 (Bath, brushout, nail trim)

Dematting $20/hour

Extra Brushing $5/15 minutes

Lion Cuts $80

Bear Cuts $100

Flea treatments $8-$16 depending on type

*We require all of our cats to provide proof of current rabies vaccinations before we can groom.