Cat & Dog Boarding Portland OR

Cat & Dog Boarding

Dogs are naturally walked throughout the day. Extra TLC and exercise can be scheduled.

Each guest has its own private condo with water at all times, food, and a warm fuzzy to cuddle up on.





Weight (lbs) 1-20 21-49 50-75 76-89 90+ Deluxe Suite Deluxe Suite with 2 dogs
Nightly Rate $22 $23 $25 $26 $27 $40 $68






Type Condo Double Condo
Nightly Rate $17 $21

Please call to make reservations for any of our services. (503) 230-9596

SAFE BOARDING: We have certified ABKA Pet Techs on staff. Body functions and activities are observed throughout the day and recorded by trained pet care technicians. Potential problems are caught and treated early. We are known for our caring staff and our attention to detail.

All pets must have current immunization.
Dogs: DHLPP Rabies Bordetella
Cats: FVRCP Rabies (Leuk recommended)

*CHECK OUT: Our rates are charged on a nightly basis. Check out time is 12 noon on regular business days.  Your pet is welcome to stay later for an additional day board fee.  The day board fee is two dollars cheaper than the nightly rate.

To avoid the day board fee, you can schedule a groom on the last day.  What a deal, your pet goes home shedding less and smelling great.


PLAY TIMES Don’t miss the fun! We provide play times to help normalize your pets stay. It’s a one on one time with a staff member who rubs tummies, plays fetch, provides a lap to sit on, or enjoy treats.  All our dogs look forward to this time.  For our cats, it’s a time to climb, use the scratching post, roll in a matt with catnip, be petted by our staff, and play with cat toys. 

GROOMING: You can have your pet groomed while staying with us.  It’s always great to come home to a clean and well groomed pet.  See our grooming services. We also provide nail trims.